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the truth?

September 15, 2009

A friend emailed me today and asked, “Have you given up on your activities blog?”

Here’s the thing: I am self-conscious about talking about things I am doing with my kids all the time, because it feels like a half-truth.  Yes, we paint and cook and explore together.  But I also deal with temper tantrums.  And turn on the television more than I would care to admit.  And get distracted in mid-sentence, so that my children are left meandering about, looking for what they may devour, while I’m trying to remember what else I needed for the diaper bag.  I’m a regular mom, just like everybody else, and it feels as though I’m painting a picture of soothing tones and happy faces all the time.  I wish that were true, but it’s not.

Even so, almost every single good and useful thing I’ve learned about parenting has come from another parent.  Also?  I studied child development, and care more than the average bear about the way children grow, learn, and think.  So I do think a blog that bounces around ideas would be genuinely useful.  Except that every time I start to write here, I get bashful about it.

So we’re going to start fresh.  I’ll tell what we’re doing, and I’ll assume you understand that for every good hour – when my children are engaged and nobody is crashing into their brother with toy airplanes – there has also been a moment at some point that day when I’ve had to take a deep breath and choose to step over a screaming toddler.

Agreed?  Good.  Because it’s time to get caught up on this month’s theme.

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